The permanent upper and under lid liner gives you an expressive look already early in the morning. The delicate exactly matched color contour makes the eyes bigger, more beautiful and more radiant. The various hygienic module – needle sizes make it possible to draw a very gentle lash compaction up to strong lower eyelid lines. For permanent emphasis the upper and lower eyeline is drawn on the eyes lid edge. Existing eyelash loss is easily concealed and gives the eye a mysterious depth – this treatment is also available for men.



The eyebrows give each face that certain something. We liven up your face through professional and natural permanent make up and microblading which brings you a big relief in daily life. With permanent make up and microblading, eyebrows can be completely redesigned, a lack of hair growth or gaps caused by a scar or wrong plucking win back their naturalness by drawing the finest hair.




Weak or unfavorable outcome, contours and corners of the mouth are adapted to the natural ideal case and traced in the desired shape and color. This balance is particularly interesting to cover small scars, uneven high lip arches or the lack of pigments at an older age. The shape of the upper and lower lip is harmoniously coordinated and emphasizes the lip heart discreetly. The contour gives the lip a youthful freshness. The perfect lip is a combination of lip contour, shading. The lips are the expression of sensuality. Due to the shape and color you achieve it!



Caution: If you had herpes/cold sores, Please Advise me, Acitab or cyclivex medicine should be taken 2 days prior and 3 days after your treatment. Ask your GP for a prescription.










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